Frequently asked questions

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your registration up to a month before the event, and we will refund 90% of the ticket fee. If you cancel in the two weeks before the event, there is no refund. You are however free to transfer your tickets to someone else at any point. If you do transfer your tickets, please notify us via email (contact@mbaus.com.au). 

Do you offer a student discount?

No, as MBAus is a conference for students, tickets have already been priced accordingly.

I am not an MBA student. May I still attend?

Yes.  MBAus is a conference bringing together bright minds in business from across Australia.  Conference delegates includes MBA students, MBA alumni, business leaders, and those interested in undertaking  graduate business studies. 

May I bring a guest?

Guests must have a valid ticket to attend MBAus events.  Click here to purchase a ticket.

How do I register as a speaker?

Please contact us on contact@mbaus.com.au to discuss speaking opportunities.

I am a business interested in being involved, how do I do this?

MBAus relies on sponsor support to make the annual MBAus conference a success. Please contact us on contact@mbaus.com.au to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

What is the dress code on the day?

MBAus is a professional conference for MBA candidates. We hope to provide a professional yet relaxed experience. In line with this, the conference dress code is Business Casual.

What do I need to bring to the conference?

Apart from for your enthusiasm and active engagement, all you need to bring to the conference is proof of registration (electronic preferred).

I have food allergies, who should I contact?

You will be asked about special dietary requirements during registration. Your registration confirmation will also display your dietary consideration requests.

What are the event day registration hours and location?

Conference Location and Registration time:

Saturday, 1st September 2018
8:45 am to 9:15 am, Melbourne Business School

Sunday, 2nd September 2018
9:15 am to 9:45 am, Melbourne Business School

Will meals be provided?

MBAus will provide snacks, lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. Some light refreshments will also be provided during the Saturday Night networking event.

What is your contact number?

Please send your enquiries and contact details to contact@mbaus.com.au and the relevant team member will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Do you have a code of conduct? 

MBAus Conference aims to provide a welcoming and professional environment so that diverse groups of people – regardless of age, race, gender identity or expression, background, disability, appearance, sexuality, walk of life, or religion – can get together to learn from and be inspired by each other.

To attend MBAus Conference, your behaviour must not violate this code of conduct.

We don’t tolerate harassment in any form. If you violate the rules in our Code of Conduct, you will be given a warning or asked to leave the event and your ticket price will not be refunded.
Harassment includes, but is not limited to:
    • Comments about gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age or religion, which are designed to assert dominance.
    • Sexual language and images in public spaces
    • Deliberate intimidation, stalking or following
    • Unwanted photography or recording
    • Sustained disruption of talks or other events
    • Inappropriate physical contact
    • Unwelcome sexual attention
    • Encouraging or advocating for any of the above behaviour
    • Insults or personal attacks


All attendees must comply with our Code of Conduct. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event.

We are expecting cooperation from all participants to help to ensure a safe environment for everybody. If your behaviour violates our Code of Conduct, we retain the right to take any action required to maintain a welcoming environment for event participants.

We may give you a warning, require you to leave the event immediately (with no refund for paid events), or ban you from attending future events. Our actions will attempt to resolve anything designed to disrupt the event or create a hostile environment for participants. If you are asked to stop the behaviour which violates this Code of Conduct, you are expected to comply immediately.

We value your participation and appreciate your help in realising this goal!


Your presence and perspective bring value to everyone in the MBAus Conference. 
If you or anyone else ever feel unwelcome or unsafe at our event, please make an anonymous report or personal report as soon as possible. All reports made to event organisers will remain confidential and be taken seriously.
Make an anonymous report
You can remain completely anonymous when you make your report by filling out this form. Your anonymous report won’t be followed up with you directly, but we will investigate it and take any action required to prevent it from happening again.
Make a personal report

When you make a personal report, you make your identity known to event organisers in the process of making your report. You can make a personal report by contacting event organisers in person or sending them an email via contact@mbaus.com.au or sending them a message via Twitter @MBAusConf (We will be monitoring the email address and Twitter during the event). Your report will be kept private.

We will make sure your personal report is received in a place where you won’t be overheard. To ensure your report is handled well, other event staff may be involved. Once you are safe, we'll ask you to tell us about what happened. This can be upsetting, so you can bring someone to support you. We'll handle it as respectfully as possible--you’ll never be asked to confront anyone, and we won't make your identity known.

We can help you contact venue staff, law enforcement and support services, and provide you with an escort to your car, taxi or public transport stop. We will do all we can to help you feel safe for the rest of the event.

The complaint will be treated appropriately with discretion. Should event organisers or moderators consider it appropriate, measures they may take include:

  • the individuals may be told to apologise
  • the individuals may be told to stop/modify their behaviour appropriately
  • the individuals may be warned that enforcement action may be taken if the behaviour continues
  • the individuals may be asked to immediately leave the venue and will be prohibited from continuing to attend the event
  • the incident may be reported to the appropriate authorities

Helpful Contacts

Organiser’s email contact@mbaus.com.au
Local law enforcement

03 8379 0800 | North Melbourne Police Station, 36 Wreckyn Pl, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Local sexual assault hotline 1800 806 292 | Sexual Assault Crisis Line sacl.com.au
After hours medical care 13 74 25
Taxi 13 10 08